Thursday, June 30, 2011

...Taco Tuesday

Once every year the Betsey babes and dudes throw down against another fashion company to see who can raise the most money for charity.  All this combined creates the unforgettable night we lovingly call  Taco Tuesday!

This year, Side Bar hosted the ladies of Urban Outfitters who were playing for the Young Survivors Coalition, while we represented NYC Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Breast Cancer Center.

We decided to theme the night Red, White and Blue with nautical accents (I had the interns making bows and tin foil sailor hats all day)

So how do we raise the money? The night is pretty much filled with shameless acts such as the kissing booth, Betsey babe auction, Tin foil elephant hats, a raffle and oh yes lots of shots!

I wore my Betsey blue twill sailor shorts, vintage Betsey Punk Label red corduroy jacket that has the most luxurious puff sleeves and all of Betsey's nautical themed jewelry! Oh yeah...and an intern customized tin foil hat!

Sasha and Jen with their kissing booth tip jars. Would you be surprised if I told you these girls make the most money for every charity event we have?!

The Urban Outfitters girls dressed in sequins and arrived from Phili (UO's HQ city) in a white party bus. They were stuck in city traffic and arrived a fashionably two-hours late! To make them feel better, after the long trip, we stood on the street in a line and saluted them as they pulled up to Side Bar

Betsey got a hold of the mic and started emceeing from on top of the bar. By this time the Betsey clan had taken control of the bar! Would you expect anything less?

We raised a lot of money and had a great time all in the name of charity but I think Betsey's shirt sums up the evening best!


p.s. a some point during the night we did eat tacos!

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