Friday, June 17, 2011

...Prints For You, Prints For Me, Prints By The Amazing Ashley!

Here in Betsey Johnson land we love our prints! Even more we love the woman behind the prints, Ashley Miller! Ashley works very closely with Betsey to create one of a kind prints. Read Ashley's blog! She will tell you what is trending in print design and what is just plain cool. I suggest you check it out if you don't want to be a square.

This Tutti Frutti print Ashley created appeared in the NY Post, Nylon and Glamour UK, after it was featured in Betsey Spring 2011 Show. Alas, you cannot buy this at our stores because it was dropped form the line. Don't be sad because we are fighting for it for you, plus, all the BJ employees want one too! Send a comment if you like this and want it bad!

Glamour UK May 2011

x - Stef

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