Saturday, June 25, 2011

...Learning About Fashion History

We can all be obsessed with fashion as much as we would like but, to really appreciate an art form you have to learn its roots. Here are three amazing designer exhibits hanging out in the western hemisphere for the summer.

Of the three exhibitions, Savage Beauty was the only one I got the privilege of seeing twice. The first time I saw the exhibition it had just opened. Walking through the many garments on display, I felt like I finally was able to pay homage to the late Lee Alexander McQueen. It was sad and beautifully eerie but, absolutely inspiring. 

The second time at the exhibit was a Betsey design team field trip. A friend hooked us up with member access and we jumped to the front of the line which, had grown to an hour-and-a-half wait since the opening. Nothing was lost the second time around and if you have to do it, the hour-and-a-half wait is worth it. 

Opens until August 7th, 2011

Does anyone want to take a field trip? JPG is one of my favorite designers and I just might make the pilgrimage to this mini Mecca.

Opens until October 2nd, 2011

Balenciaga and Spain - de Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - San Francisco

In January, The Queen Sophia Spanish Institute in NYC hosted this exhibit. The Betsey crew, along with Andrew Bevan of Teen Vogue, met Betsey for a liquid lunch to talk about our upcoming show and to take a jaunt through the Balenciaga Exhibit. Curated by Hamish Bowles and conceived by Oscar de la Renta, the exhibit not only celebrated the brilliance of Cristobal Balanciaga but the influence his Spanish heritage had on his career.

If you find yourself in San Francisco, the de Young museum is an amazing institution and even more fantastic with this exhibit under its roof.

Opens until July 4th

x -Stef

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