Sunday, June 12, 2011

...A Little Japanese Reading

We just got our new Japanese brand books! These things are so cool although, I can't read a single word in them. The book includes interviews with employees, runway show images, and Japanese models in Betsey clothing and accessories. Also shrink-wrapped in the book is a make-up bag that matches the print on the cover! So cute, so coordinated, so Japanese! 

I have been in a couple of the brand books and even a Japanese magazine called Glitter! I love shooting with Betsey's Japanese team they are so nice and enthusiastic! 

Later, I was inspired to put on the Tom Waits song "Big In Japan"  and dress up in my Jean Paul Gaultier Asian inspired net dress and my Jeffery Campbell platform heels. These shoes are reserved for cleaning the house because they are treacherous on the streets of Manhattan. 

Terrible pic but I literally cannot walk down the stairs in these shoes! 

Until the next adventure!


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  1. The book looks uber cute! I wouldn't be able to read it but just b/c it has Betsey fabulousness in it, I want one!