Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...The Assistant Files!

 Photo By Giorgio Niro

Last Friday the Daily Front Row online came to the showroom to interview me for The Assistant Files. The questions they were going to ask made me really nervous and I felt like I would not think of any good stories or that I might freeze up and give some monosyllabic answers. Luckily when Alexandra started to ask the questions it was as if I had taken a vow of silence and this was the first time I was breaking the silence. Enjoy my rambling!

The Assistant Files

Also, If you want to know more about Betsey and me knocking Sarah Jessica Parker off her heels, which I mention in the interview, read my post  Stef Does...The NYC Ballet Gala and Anger Management!

x - Stef

Photo By Giorgio Niro

Photo By Giorgio Niro

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