Thursday, June 30, 2011

...Taco Tuesday

Once every year the Betsey babes and dudes throw down against another fashion company to see who can raise the most money for charity.  All this combined creates the unforgettable night we lovingly call  Taco Tuesday!

This year, Side Bar hosted the ladies of Urban Outfitters who were playing for the Young Survivors Coalition, while we represented NYC Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Breast Cancer Center.

We decided to theme the night Red, White and Blue with nautical accents (I had the interns making bows and tin foil sailor hats all day)

So how do we raise the money? The night is pretty much filled with shameless acts such as the kissing booth, Betsey babe auction, Tin foil elephant hats, a raffle and oh yes lots of shots!

I wore my Betsey blue twill sailor shorts, vintage Betsey Punk Label red corduroy jacket that has the most luxurious puff sleeves and all of Betsey's nautical themed jewelry! Oh yeah...and an intern customized tin foil hat!

Sasha and Jen with their kissing booth tip jars. Would you be surprised if I told you these girls make the most money for every charity event we have?!

The Urban Outfitters girls dressed in sequins and arrived from Phili (UO's HQ city) in a white party bus. They were stuck in city traffic and arrived a fashionably two-hours late! To make them feel better, after the long trip, we stood on the street in a line and saluted them as they pulled up to Side Bar

Betsey got a hold of the mic and started emceeing from on top of the bar. By this time the Betsey clan had taken control of the bar! Would you expect anything less?

We raised a lot of money and had a great time all in the name of charity but I think Betsey's shirt sums up the evening best!


p.s. a some point during the night we did eat tacos!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...The Assistant Files!

 Photo By Giorgio Niro

Last Friday the Daily Front Row online came to the showroom to interview me for The Assistant Files. The questions they were going to ask made me really nervous and I felt like I would not think of any good stories or that I might freeze up and give some monosyllabic answers. Luckily when Alexandra started to ask the questions it was as if I had taken a vow of silence and this was the first time I was breaking the silence. Enjoy my rambling!

The Assistant Files

Also, If you want to know more about Betsey and me knocking Sarah Jessica Parker off her heels, which I mention in the interview, read my post  Stef Does...The NYC Ballet Gala and Anger Management!

x - Stef

Photo By Giorgio Niro

Photo By Giorgio Niro

Saturday, June 25, 2011

...Learning About Fashion History

We can all be obsessed with fashion as much as we would like but, to really appreciate an art form you have to learn its roots. Here are three amazing designer exhibits hanging out in the western hemisphere for the summer.

Of the three exhibitions, Savage Beauty was the only one I got the privilege of seeing twice. The first time I saw the exhibition it had just opened. Walking through the many garments on display, I felt like I finally was able to pay homage to the late Lee Alexander McQueen. It was sad and beautifully eerie but, absolutely inspiring. 

The second time at the exhibit was a Betsey design team field trip. A friend hooked us up with member access and we jumped to the front of the line which, had grown to an hour-and-a-half wait since the opening. Nothing was lost the second time around and if you have to do it, the hour-and-a-half wait is worth it. 

Opens until August 7th, 2011

Does anyone want to take a field trip? JPG is one of my favorite designers and I just might make the pilgrimage to this mini Mecca.

Opens until October 2nd, 2011

Balenciaga and Spain - de Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - San Francisco

In January, The Queen Sophia Spanish Institute in NYC hosted this exhibit. The Betsey crew, along with Andrew Bevan of Teen Vogue, met Betsey for a liquid lunch to talk about our upcoming show and to take a jaunt through the Balenciaga Exhibit. Curated by Hamish Bowles and conceived by Oscar de la Renta, the exhibit not only celebrated the brilliance of Cristobal Balanciaga but the influence his Spanish heritage had on his career.

If you find yourself in San Francisco, the de Young museum is an amazing institution and even more fantastic with this exhibit under its roof.

Opens until July 4th

x -Stef

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

...Polka Dot Tuesday

So Tuesday is theme day for the interns at Betsey Johnson. Last week was "Party Dress Tuesday" and they did not do so hot. So I made this week a little easier with "Polka Dot Tuesday" and they did much better.

 L-R - Matilda, Alison, Emma, Caitlin, Pattra (she is a designer and wore polka dots that day even though she did not know it was polka dot day!), Me, Silivia, Quiana, Lisa, Megan

x - Stef

Monday, June 20, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

...Prints For You, Prints For Me, Prints By The Amazing Ashley!

Here in Betsey Johnson land we love our prints! Even more we love the woman behind the prints, Ashley Miller! Ashley works very closely with Betsey to create one of a kind prints. Read Ashley's blog! She will tell you what is trending in print design and what is just plain cool. I suggest you check it out if you don't want to be a square.

This Tutti Frutti print Ashley created appeared in the NY Post, Nylon and Glamour UK, after it was featured in Betsey Spring 2011 Show. Alas, you cannot buy this at our stores because it was dropped form the line. Don't be sad because we are fighting for it for you, plus, all the BJ employees want one too! Send a comment if you like this and want it bad!

Glamour UK May 2011

x - Stef

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

...The Hamptons

Let's take a little break from the bonkers world of Betsey and enjoy the sun in the Hamptons.

Friday night when I was having a glass of champagne with Betsey and Katelyn at Muranos, our local garment district hangout, my boyfriend Alex called to tell me he had arranged for us to hop on the Jitney bus to the Hamptons! I downed my glass of champagne as Alex arrived to pick me up. We hurried home to pack. I threw the essentials into a canvas tote and hopped in a cab to the Jitney stop. A short nap and a couple of hours on the Long Island Expressway and we were in the country. I love Manhattan but the reason people live in the city is to get out of the city.

My boyfriend's dear friend picked us up from the bus stop in his sweet 1974 Mercedes. He had recently rode a Greyhound bus to Ohio, where he purchased his classic dream car and drove it 600 miles back to the city. We hopped in the red car, affectionately named Ruby, and headed to the vineyard where we would be staying. On the way there the boys gushed over every detail of the car and I could already tell that this would be a main topic of conversation our whole weekend. Boys will be boys!

We cruised to the Channing Daughter's Vineyard where our group of friends would be staying for the weekend. The Channings own an exquisite vineyard in Bridgehampton that might actually be heaven! When arriving an amazing sense of release and peace washes the city away. The clean air stops my mind from going a hundred miles an hour and I start to breathe easier. The first thing I want to do, whenever I get the privilege of a visit, is run straight out into the lush green field that extends far enough into the distance it would make you believe it never ended. Dotted throughout the field is the sculpture garden. Among the patriarch Walter Channing's many passions is turning found wood into clever sculptures. Through this medium, Walter has created a special world of masterfully carved marvels. It is hard to make a comparison to the world of the vineyard because it is so unique in character that I have yet to experience its equal.

These pictures do not do the property justice! The green orbs are fiberglass which light up the great lawn at night. 

The upside down tree is the symbol of the vineyard and a common theme among the sculptures on the property. The tree below is on the label of the Channing Daughter's New York Times top rated wine.

At the vineyard there is never a shortage of food and meal times are brought outside so one can enjoy the vista. All the guests gather in the kitchen to pitch-in to prepare a meal. A table is set and wine is poured and we eat...and eat...and eat. After everyone is fat and happy, we share conversation and slowly clean up. It took me a good half an hour to fold this table cloth because of the wind. Also, the fact that is was circular and that I was in tipsy snail mode.

After clean up and maybe a nap, we put our swim suits on and strolled down to the pool for some sun bathing.

When sunset comes, Alex and I head up to the house where dinner is being prepared. We help cook to avoid clean up. After another amazing feast we drag out more bottles of summer wine. Be sure to snag a bottle of the Channing Daughters Rosso Fresco before the season is up! When you drink it make sure you are outside relaxing in nature. After reclining on the lawn and counting the stars as they come out, we start to feel the pull of the city and begin our journey home.

Till next Adventure!


...An Attempt at Party Dress Tuesdays!

I am coordinator of Betsey's army of devoted interns. Without them we could not survive. To make their summer internship more fun we have theme days. Tuesday they were suppose to dress up in a party dress! This was the first time we attepmted theme day with the new interns. I think they thought I was kidding. I am giving them a second chance next week! Any thoughts on a theme?

L-R- Chiarra, Erin, Lisa, Matilda, Emma, Caitlin, Brittney, Me, Alison, Megan, Silvia

x - Stef

Sunday, June 12, 2011

...A Little Japanese Reading

We just got our new Japanese brand books! These things are so cool although, I can't read a single word in them. The book includes interviews with employees, runway show images, and Japanese models in Betsey clothing and accessories. Also shrink-wrapped in the book is a make-up bag that matches the print on the cover! So cute, so coordinated, so Japanese! 

I have been in a couple of the brand books and even a Japanese magazine called Glitter! I love shooting with Betsey's Japanese team they are so nice and enthusiastic! 

Later, I was inspired to put on the Tom Waits song "Big In Japan"  and dress up in my Jean Paul Gaultier Asian inspired net dress and my Jeffery Campbell platform heels. These shoes are reserved for cleaning the house because they are treacherous on the streets of Manhattan. 

Terrible pic but I literally cannot walk down the stairs in these shoes! 

Until the next adventure!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

...The Bullett Magazine Shoot

Best Day Ever with Bullett Magazine and Betsey! 

My new favorite magazine and Betsey teamed up to do an eleven page shoot to take the readers though each decade of the world of Betsey. We spent a month conceptualizing the shoot with our pink tank-think tank (Betsey, Katelyn, Petra, Ashley and I) and the endlessly creative Bullett team. Buy a copy now you will not be sorry! I have some great candid photos to share as we go through the best day ever.

After Betsey decided she wanted to do a retrospective of each decade of her designs, we began searching for her vintage garments she wanted in the shoot. This is no easy task because her archive is in an enormous warehouse in quite a state of disorder. Betsey knew which pieces she wanted for each shot, so the pink tank-think tank went to the warehouse and searched until we found everything.

Once we had everything together Betsey began to style each look for five shots. Outfits for four models and Betsey, no problem I thought...I was wrong it was like doing a fashion show. We changed our minds left and right, alterations were needed along with finding accessories, all in a very short time. I tried on countless outfits as we considered how we wanted each shot. We were styling until the last minute. We were even styling at the shoot!

Another major part of the process was deciding where to shoot. After mulling over location after location, Betsey finally decided that she wanted to shoot at her apartment. Logistics nightmare! Her apartment is tiny! Thankfully, we had the most amazing photographer, Mick Rock. He is the kind of guy that makes everything work and turns your whole experience into a rock and roll show.

The day of the shoot we were prepped and ready! We met the camera crew 9:00am sharp at Betsey's apartment. The models trickled in and we began sitting for make-up which was inspired by this photo by Ellen Von Unwerth.

Mick Rock arrived just as we finished hair and make-up. I had all the garments labeled and ready for each model for each shot, so it was simple to dress everyone. Since I helped style I got first dibs (tehe lucky me)! I picked the sickest black and white striped cotton Lycra jump suit and motorcycle gloves.While the camera crew was setting up, Mick went in to the bedroom and meditated. This was interesting to me and I was interested to see how this would help him in his creative process. When he finished meditating, Mick brought Betsey and the four of us into Betsey bedroom for the 80's shot. We all piled on the bed and Mick began growling and yelling "yes, give it to me!" The five of us erupted in giggles, his rantings had helped us relax. He was everything you think a New York fashion photographer would be and it was really easy to "work it" for him. I now think that maybe I should try meditation. Later Mick got on the bed with all of us for some memories.

Mick is burried in there some where!

The next shot was the 60's! We changed our lipstick and jumped into bright color-blocked frocks and heidi hats. Betsey sported a David Bowie T-shirt as she sat a top a ladder on her balcony. I stood on her right and held on to her leg because I was scared that she would fall off as she vogued on top of the ladder.

For the 70's shot we dragged Betsey's bed out of her bedroom so we could stand in front of the wall of mirrors attached to her closet. Betsey did the splits on the floor and the four of us stood over her in sexy model poses.

Next we took it to the streets to literally stop traffic for a Beatles Abby road shot. We danced down the side walk to 5th ave and came to the realization that we could not possibly stop Manhattan traffic. Undaunted, we headed into central park and posed on some stairs. Betsey joked, "we looked like a rock band, Betsey and the Babes!" After we started to draw a crowd with our antics, we headed back to BJ's apartment for the final shot.

When we arrived back at the apartment we realized that it was only three o'clock, why not do an extra shot? Luckily, I had thought ahead and pulled some other excellent risque vintage from Betsey archive including; a bathing suit with shark teeth on the tits (of course I wore that one!), a chiffon lime dress that says flapper and another neon pink pop-over tunic with a picture of hands on the nipples above the word JOB. You can make your own assumptions about the way this shot went, but it was quite girltastic! This shot didn't make the spread in Bullett but you still get to see it!

We saved the 90's shot for last because we had to get all wet (this story is starting to sound really dirty;)! Betsey's idea for the shot was to have all us in chiffon dresses, soaking wet in her tub. The boys shooting B-roll got quite the kick out of all of us hosing each other down and there were a couple of red faces in the room!

Mascara running, freezing cold

(L-R) Natalia, Kim, Me, Julie (from Bullett), Rachel, Betsey, Mick Rock, Sah (from Bullett)

After we dried off and packed up we popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate the shoot and my birthday, which was the next day! Betsey found some random birthday napkins and set them out with some pastries from Dean and Deluca. She is such a great hostess!

The next day Betsey gave me a picture she drew of me in the shark teeth bikini from the shoot. This is probably one of the coolest things I own!

Thank you so much Bullett and Betsey!

Till next adventure!


Friday, June 3, 2011

...A Tour with Gala Darling!

Watch me guide Gala through a tour of Betsey's showroom at!
Please excuse the showroom mess! We work better in creative chaos!
Thanks to Gala for joining our party for a couple of hours, it was a treat to have you!
Till the next adventure!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

...Lunch at Muranos

This just happened at our lunch meeting today to discuss new projects.

L-R Ashley, Katelyn, Betsey, Ira, Me

Thanks to Ira for the Champaign toast!

Till next time!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

...Shoe Design and a Tour with Gala Darling!

Below is what I spent most of my day looking at to figure out how to create detailed packages for Betsey's Spring 2012 runway show shoes.
Luckily they won't look a thing like this but I needed to learn a thing or two about shoe parts in order to relay, to our shoe team at Steve Madden, Betsey's vision for our Spring 2012 show. You will have to wait until fashion week to see how well I did!

Also last Tuesday I took Gala Darling, best blogger babe of Betsey's, on a tour of our showroom after Betsey looked up her skirt...well, I'll let you all read about it for yourselves at and make sure you stay tuned for the showroom video tour.

Till Next Time!