Wednesday, June 15, 2011

...The Hamptons

Let's take a little break from the bonkers world of Betsey and enjoy the sun in the Hamptons.

Friday night when I was having a glass of champagne with Betsey and Katelyn at Muranos, our local garment district hangout, my boyfriend Alex called to tell me he had arranged for us to hop on the Jitney bus to the Hamptons! I downed my glass of champagne as Alex arrived to pick me up. We hurried home to pack. I threw the essentials into a canvas tote and hopped in a cab to the Jitney stop. A short nap and a couple of hours on the Long Island Expressway and we were in the country. I love Manhattan but the reason people live in the city is to get out of the city.

My boyfriend's dear friend picked us up from the bus stop in his sweet 1974 Mercedes. He had recently rode a Greyhound bus to Ohio, where he purchased his classic dream car and drove it 600 miles back to the city. We hopped in the red car, affectionately named Ruby, and headed to the vineyard where we would be staying. On the way there the boys gushed over every detail of the car and I could already tell that this would be a main topic of conversation our whole weekend. Boys will be boys!

We cruised to the Channing Daughter's Vineyard where our group of friends would be staying for the weekend. The Channings own an exquisite vineyard in Bridgehampton that might actually be heaven! When arriving an amazing sense of release and peace washes the city away. The clean air stops my mind from going a hundred miles an hour and I start to breathe easier. The first thing I want to do, whenever I get the privilege of a visit, is run straight out into the lush green field that extends far enough into the distance it would make you believe it never ended. Dotted throughout the field is the sculpture garden. Among the patriarch Walter Channing's many passions is turning found wood into clever sculptures. Through this medium, Walter has created a special world of masterfully carved marvels. It is hard to make a comparison to the world of the vineyard because it is so unique in character that I have yet to experience its equal.

These pictures do not do the property justice! The green orbs are fiberglass which light up the great lawn at night. 

The upside down tree is the symbol of the vineyard and a common theme among the sculptures on the property. The tree below is on the label of the Channing Daughter's New York Times top rated wine.

At the vineyard there is never a shortage of food and meal times are brought outside so one can enjoy the vista. All the guests gather in the kitchen to pitch-in to prepare a meal. A table is set and wine is poured and we eat...and eat...and eat. After everyone is fat and happy, we share conversation and slowly clean up. It took me a good half an hour to fold this table cloth because of the wind. Also, the fact that is was circular and that I was in tipsy snail mode.

After clean up and maybe a nap, we put our swim suits on and strolled down to the pool for some sun bathing.

When sunset comes, Alex and I head up to the house where dinner is being prepared. We help cook to avoid clean up. After another amazing feast we drag out more bottles of summer wine. Be sure to snag a bottle of the Channing Daughters Rosso Fresco before the season is up! When you drink it make sure you are outside relaxing in nature. After reclining on the lawn and counting the stars as they come out, we start to feel the pull of the city and begin our journey home.

Till next Adventure!


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