Tuesday, June 21, 2011

...Polka Dot Tuesday

So Tuesday is theme day for the interns at Betsey Johnson. Last week was "Party Dress Tuesday" and they did not do so hot. So I made this week a little easier with "Polka Dot Tuesday" and they did much better.

 L-R - Matilda, Alison, Emma, Caitlin, Pattra (she is a designer and wore polka dots that day even though she did not know it was polka dot day!), Me, Silivia, Quiana, Lisa, Megan

x - Stef


  1. Such a cute theme! They did much better than the Party Dress day. They work at Betsey Johnson, the QUEEN of party dresses! They should know what a proper party dress is! haha.

  2. Nice theme! Their get ups corresponds well with the theme. Nice seeing them wearing their polka dots-inspired dresses!

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