Friday, July 22, 2011

...A Vintage Extravaganza in Austin, Texas!

When it comes to new fashion, I am a tough customer, but when it comes to vintage I get weak in the knees. At Betsey we live and die by our vintage; old Betsey creations, designer vintage or obscure brand vintage, it does not matter it is all extremely integral to the designing of a new collection. Sometimes we will out right copy a garment only to tweak it in prototype stage or we will use a garment's smallest detail, such as a stitch or button, to incorporate into a new garment. Every piece I choose has to have something unique that inspires a new garment. The challenge of finding those details is what makes crossing the threshold of my favorite vintage boutiques intoxicating. I know when all is said and done I will leave with unique treasures. Last Friday I woke up in Austin Texas, my home town, bursting to go on the vintage hunt! 

First Stop - Feathers - I made out like a bandit here! There are so many good things in this store that it is near impossible to make decisions from the inevitable heap you will take into the dressing room with you. 

Black and white knit halter (Feathers find) - I choose this because it reminded me of a dress that Betsey did in her Spring 2004 show Guys Heart BJ

Color blocking is so cool!

Check out this one piece khaki wonder! (Feather's find) I chose this garment because there are about 20 different things I can think of to create based on this unique find.

Next on the list of superb vintage hide-aways is Laced With Romance - My friend Kayln took me here for the first time and my jaw hit the floor. From the road, the shop has black windows and looks like a front for a secret under ground club but when you enter you are thrust into a steam punk meets rock and roll taxidermy heaven.

Steam punked! (Laced with Romance Find)

In the picture above and the picture below I am wearing Betsey vintage! Because of Betsey's 40 wonderful years of dressing all the wild children of the world, without fail I find something Betsey at every vintage store.

A Betsey Pin-up Beauties Pop-over (Feather's find)

Another goodie shop is New Bohemia if you want a cotton sundress this is your spot and for the guys, pearl snap shirts are never in short supply. Plus, they probably have the best vintage experts; that's right, I am talking about you, Mallory and Llana!

These two pieces are probably the most amazing vintage finds I have had in a long time, Chiffon pants (Laced with Romance)  and a fitted jacket with amazing cut out sleeves (Feathers). I feel like Lady Gaga in this outfit!

And last but not least, based in Austin but only available on-line, is Sisters of The Black Moon - You could base your entire life style on their carnival fortune teller meets Indian princess vibe. 

One of Betsey's favorite pieces from the bundle I brought back are these acid green maintenance - suspender pants. (Feathers) I briefly showed them to her the day I got back and the next day she came into work and asked me to put the suspenders on because she had been thinking about them. If Betsey Johnson is thinking about them for a whole day, you know they have to be a good find!

Of honorable mention are several other amazing vintage locations that I didn't quite have time or money for...

Amelia's - Oh so retro!

Flashback - buy a brassier here

Cream Vintage - yummy!

All of Austin's vintage getaways can be found on the Vintage Around Town Guide

Till the next adventure!



  1. If you ever make it back to Austin, be sure to visit Vintage Vivant - a celebration of the Jazz Age here in Austin!

  2. Checked out Vintage Vivant! Wish I would have known about this when I was in Austin! Next time I am there I will put on my cloche and beads and join the fun!