Tuesday, July 26, 2011

..."Fashion Drugs" - A Healty Addiction - "Gini" sais quoi

Muse of the week is Gini! 

I am really inspired by Gini's little "bow" peep chic style. Gini always looks pressed to perfection. Even if the Apocalypse happened and we were living in ashes, Gini would still blossom out of the dust into something ethereal. To illustrate this point I will share one of my favorite stories about Gini and when a group of Betsey girls went to the Mets Baseball game. 

At the end of a long day of work everyone changed into our ragged ball game clothing (jeans and a tee), everyone that is except Gini who looked much like she does in the photo below. It was quite the sight to see prim Gini drinking a beer among ball-capped-clad die-hards. That day she turned more then one Mets fan's head with her style, especially when a fly ball landed right in the middle of our little party!

Photo by Char

This week on "Fashion Drugs" Gini lets us in on how to get a little of that "Gini" sais quoi...


...My style is hard to describe. I take influences from different cultures and combine them to form my own aesthetic and I should definitely add that Japanese fashion never fails to fascinate me. It's all about the imagination, the fairy tale which gets broken up but still retains its beauty. I love layering, poofy skirty and I will never ever leave the house without some kind of hat or headpiece on my head. Everybody here at Betsey Johnson will confirm that! Hats, flowers, all kinds of bows...and most of the time everything combined. I like to have a variety of style options depending on my mood, as long as they all tell the same story - Mine to be specific!

...there is little "bow" peep-chic! This is what I wear most of the time. This dress by Angelic Pretty is all I love about summer! Poofy, bright, fun and cute. You just want to go to a park, have a tea party and game of croquet. The shoes (love!) add a bit of elegance to the whole thing, whereas the hat (Topshop) and the earrings just top the whole thing off with a summer-y mood.

This set from Innocent World is just perfect for going into fall. You can dress everything up and down while still looking whimsical - in my case I would combine it either with one of my favorite little top hats - also Innocent World. Then you can wear cute oxford shoes on your way to work and switch to these high heeled beautiful darlings by Poetic License and tadaa-you're perfect!

As you can see, I  am absolutely obsessed with high-waisted dresses as skirts as Betsey makes them all the time! They are perfect for any girls who want to accentuate their tiny waist and have fun while slenderizing around with a big petticoat. At the end of the day - this is what fashion is about right? It is your own little world that you and no one else creates.

Everyone paints their own picture- 

its like a first conversation without words!

Thanks Gini! 


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