Saturday, July 16, 2011

...Break Time in Austin, Texas!

Hi Faithful Followers!

I am in my home town of Austin, Texas taking some much needed R&R before we begin the count down to fashion week! I have been busy letting my family and friends make sure I get my fill of home. Which means, as soon as I get back to the Big Apple that there will be plenty to read!
Me at Curras getting some Tex-Mex after a lovely day of swimming in Barton Springs!

Coming up next week...

- All new ..."Fashion Drugs!" with a new guest muse.
- Every one's favorite ...Intern Theme Day.
- A look at my vintage buying extravaganza and some insight to why designers love vintage!


- ...Musing Over Muses - What does it mean to be a muse?

Until Next Time...


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