Sunday, July 24, 2011

...The Tents @ Newfest!

Last night the Betsey clan went to see "The Tents," a documentary about the history of fashion week tents and how they helped put NYC on the fore front of fashion. Among many other fashion forces in the film, Betsey did a hysterical and informative interview. The entire movie was great and if you love fashion you will get excitement goosebumps as the first scene comes to the screen.  Congrats to Deryck Todd "The Tents" production supervisor for a wonderful film and thanks to him for reaching out to me and getting us tickets!

Check out "The Tents"

Check out Deryck Todd - he is a jack of all trades!

* all available on Betsey

So much fun!

x - Stef

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  1. What a cute ensemble! Can't wait to check out the movie!