Friday, July 8, 2011

...Dress Up with Betsey!

I have been sort of M.I.A from the Blog-o-sphere lately but the explanation is simple!

Betsey and I were too busy playing dress-up!

Although the day is filled with laughs and many wardrobe changes...with two lines, fashion week approaching and many other interesting projects in the queue, work has been keeping us busy. I had one of the interns take some pictures of a particularly hilarious end-of-day design session. 


Believe it or not this is a typical day for me in the show room.  I am a fashion pirate armed with my trusty tape measure!

Betsey is hard at work...I might be goofing off just a smidge;)

Here we are doing "serious design thinking" (retract champaigne bottle)

I think we were tap dancing in this picture!



  1. No joke: I want to trade places with you for a day. Betsey is my most favorite fashion godess, and it seems like you have an awesome job with an even cooler boss! If she or you ever want a visitor in the office, contact me! I'd love to see what a day in the life of you and Betsey is like!