Tuesday, July 12, 2011

..."Fashion Drugs - A Healthy Addiction" - Your Rock and Roll Lifestyle Edition

Muse of the week is Char! She is pretty awesome and if you ever meet her, you might find yourself wanting to be her. She works at Betsey Johnson (duh). Her role at BJ includes designing some pretty sick T-shirts and making Charbucks (That's code for really really strong coffee) when we have to work late.

I saw this picture on her facebook and decided to dedicate this edition of Fashion Drugs to her and asked her to throw me a few brain nuggets on her unique style!


This is Char - She could peer pressure you into anything

“Less might be more but more is way more fun”. <3   - Char

Well first of all as a precautionary warning, my style is super all over the place but I think that’s what makes it “my style”. I like to mix different vibes,… tons of different things I like, into one outfit and be kind of a mish-mosh. That’s my personality, anyway…. I like to think I can’t be contained in any kind of labeled box. One day I might look like a mix of rock n’ roll with a splash of girly and a weekend at Woodstock, and other days I’m more along the lines of “Compton took a field trip to 7th Avenue!” But isn’t that what makes getting dressed everyday fun!? If clothes were intended to only cover our bodies, we’d all be out of business (in the fashion industry) and completely bored and uninspired!

Here’s some pieces I would definitely throw into the mix with those AMAZING Jeffrey Campbell Tick peeptoe wedges.

I have spent many years working on t-shirts (product development and design) and I seriously LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVE tees. They are timeless! EVERYONE wears t-shirts….. your boyfriend, your Mom, your neighbor, your 3 year old cousin. They aren’t going anywhere! And they’re only getting cooler and cooler with advancement in manufacturing and technology! I love this shredded tee by Chaser. I wear a lot of solids but like to mix it up with some “conversation pieces”. I LOVE stripes (my favorite things EVER are stripes, Rasta colors and leopard print). The Jeffrey Campbell Tick wedges would make this outfit total money. It’s super mixed up with all the elements but totally comes together in a funky way.

I love this sheer top by Alternative Apparel. It’s super sexy but understated. I’d pair the Tick wedges with these Cheap Monday skinny acid jeans and TONS of bangles. I like throwing in just a little colorpop and I love accessorizing. The Tick wedges would bring this outfit to a really sleek level while the sheerness of the tee is really sexy and the denim is really funky. The bangles bring that rocker feel and the turquoise is total earthy/hippy. I love the conflict!

I LOVE the graphic tees that KR3W makes and I’m stoked that they started doing them for the ladies (even though their target customer is the dudes). I would probably cut this tee shirt up to be a tank with oversized armholes and throw some safety pins in the back to tighten it up. I love these floral denim pants by Insight and love the contrast between the girly pants and the creepy/edgy feel of the tee. I’d wrap this look up with this briefcase style handbag by The Extras and probably deck out in tons of gold and silver chain necklaces. I completely challenge anyone who thinks you have to make a choice between gold and silver hardware in your outfit. If you have the right attitude you can mix up ANYTHING and pull it off!

Thanks to Char for letting me pick her lovely brain!

...Here are a few of my own Rock n' Roll picks a la Char-ness!

Alexander McQueen Scarf - R.I.P you amazing man. Thank you for everything you did ever!


Chanel Chain Glasses - For your hang over. If this doesn't satisfy check out more rock n' roll worthy sunglasses here

Mata Hari x Lovemade Backpack - you must start a little black book if you own this

Ether Ore Jewelry - Delicately dangerous!

Betsey Johnson Boom Box Biggie Top - Banging! Char designed this top with Betsey!

As always send me anything you can't live with out!



  1. Love the stereo top! Does Char have a twitter, facebook, or blog to follow?

  2. :) I love and miss charcore! Great post :)

  3. I bought that Boom box tee and fffing LOVE it!

  4. Hey Jennifer,

    Char's Facebook is at this link!