Tuesday, August 9, 2011

...Fashion Drugs - A Healthy Addiction - An Austin Texas Insider!

This weeks muse is Kaylan! She is one of my best home town friends. This chick has got it going on, she is sharp as a tack, drop-dead gorgeous and has a killer sense of style. It only made sense to have her partake in fashion drugs so you too could share in her sensational fashion sensibilities. On my recent visit to Austin, Kaylan took time out her busy schedule to show me all the hip vintage shops after basking in the sun at Barton Springs and gossiping over 'Ritas at Curras. She is the genuine cool!



My style reflects reflects my life growing up and living in Austin, Texas. I split my time between the city; where I go to school and go out at night to see shows and hang out with my friends, and the country; where I spend weekends (when I can) and during breaks from school. Austin is such an inspiring city to live in, I'm constantly modeling for local designers and vintage store owners which has allowed me to experiment with so many different styles. I used to dress like a total hippie, and while I am still constantly inspired by past eras, my style these days is cleaner, more modern, and practical than it used to be. I've come to find myself feeling the most like me when I wear more understated clothes that have subtle references to lifestyles or movements that mean something to me. Whether I'm channeling a weekend trip to the lake or west Texas, a Woody Allen film, or a modernist painting, I like to start with neutral pieces and then layer color (sometimes) or interesting accessories. Mixing preppy vintage pieces with contemporary designers and jewelry made by friends is my basic strategy for dressing in a way that is authentic to my life. 

day ---> night

This outfit encapsulates my basic day to night style. Austin is very hot for about four to five months out of the year. I do not understand people who insist on wearing jeans and boots into the dog days of summer. The dress is perfect for the heat and the environment. During the day I'm usually on foot, going to class at UT and running errands. Luckily for me, there are plenty of grassy lawns, and general cleanliness to validate the choice of wearing flip flops during the day. The tote bag is perfect for carrying my laptop, books, and snacks. The scarf is in there for chilly classroom time, and the ray-bans help me blend in (a little) with the seas of fraternity boys and sorority girls. The calming voice of Bill Callahan helps me get through the busy stress of the day. When I'm all done with my work its time to switch to this pair of slightly outrageous heels, some statement earrings, a super dreamy bag by Sedgwick, and chillwave sounds from Washed Out to unwind in the evening at the Hotel San Jose lounge.

Don't you want to be like her when you grow up? I DO!

take me to west texas

This outfit is my West Texas vacation uniform. Marfa, Texas is one of my absolute most favorite places in the world. The landscape blows my mind every single time I return there to take a break from Austin and relax with my friends who live out there. During the day it is usually very warm, but since it is the desert at night the temperatures drop significantly. I consider boots and jeans a must, even if it is hot, due to all the rocks, tall grass. prickly scrub, and potential snakes, spiders, and scorpions. I love the Navajo inspired cardigan and cozy scarf to layer against the chilly nights, while the sunglasses are essential for the big bright light during the day. The backpack is the perfect way to minimize packing to just the essentials (don't need a lot of outfit changes out there) and the rings made by the Brooklyn designer Catlin Mociun are the perfect, unobtrusive, finishing touch. Tunes by Townes Van Zandt are all I want when playin' pool and drinkin' whiskey at Padres Bar with my friends late into the night.

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