Monday, August 29, 2011

...Show Count Down 14 Days to Go!

Monday August 29th - So I finally left work at about 11:30!

So busy that we did not even have time to clean up and you could barely leave the design room because of the racks parked in the showroom!

I took this picture around 8:30 but due to technical difficulties (my work computer being a piece of shit) I had to get home before I posted today's events.

1. We finally started styling the show! It is looking amazing but there is still a lot of work to do... and I once again became Mowgli from the Jungle Book... if you don't know what this means you can read all about it in my Fashion Week Daily Assistant Files article...

2. We got Peter Gray to do the hair for our show! He is my favorite!

3. We worked on Fashion On Ice which is an exciting event that Betsey is doing after the fashion show which is a story I cannot wait to share with you all! So look for that post at the end of September.

4. We also worked on concepts for Summer silhouettes and Fall prints for Pink Label which is another exciting line that Betsey is working on! So many projects, so much to look forward to! ( I think the exclamation point will be the first key I wear out on my new computer, ha!)

5. Most importantly, we survived the first day of the two week count down until show!

More tomorrow!

X - Stef

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