Tuesday, August 2, 2011

...Fashion Drugs - A Healthy Addiction - Lizzie's Drugs!

In order to get ready in the morning Lizzie super glues her entire body and run through her local thrift shop...Amazing! If she has been arrested too many times for this indiscretion, she will then choose to stalk the Topshop website. Lizzie hails from London (cute accent and everything) and would give her first born for an unlimited expense account at Topshop. Lizzie and I have our desks next to each other at work and when I asked her to send me her fashion drugs she said, "I don't have a style like Gini's, you don't see something and say oh I could see Lizzie wearing that." Well Lizzie my dear, I beg to differ... You most certainly have style and a lot of it! So get on with your bad self and keep inspiring! 

Here's Lizzie

This is just a little fancy outfit I put together on my new favorite website Polyvore. From a distance it may look like something you put on in the dark. But I feel that once it is all assembled it is true British style going on in there. I am pretty much obsessed with those pants and I am running to the shop right now to buy them. Tootles!

home from home

Esther Perbandt knit top, €235
TopShop flower pants, $80
Work boots, £90
Celine bag, €2.400
Maison Michel lace hat, €350
Karen Walker Eyewear oversized sunglasses, $180
Art Wallpaper Union Jack blue , 000422 Model: 000422 from Art : Buy..., £26
MODELS.com Feed » Take It To The Streets!

This is dream outfit #2! I like to switch it up between London without the dirt and hippie without the dippy (I have enough dippy without needing it in my fashion) depending on my mood. I have already started saving up for those red boots!
Lizzie's feathers

TopShop peter pan collar blouse, $40
TopShop green skirt, $80
Red lace up boots, $150
Crossbody bag, $50
Spell beaded hair accessory, £75
Spell headbands hair accessory, $135
Gucci brown belt, €249
Vintage All Eyes on Brew Mug, $18
french connection Womens Magic Garden Beige Multi Printed Tunic Dress, £24

This was a minute before I was running into the Anna Sui Fashion show last September. I pretty much Just wanted to wear all my prints at once!

yes this is all from Topshop

It was a cold winters day and I had to take the dog Whitman for a walk. All I had on was the stripe dress and I had to rummage around for a coat and a warm pair of tights. I threw on the first thing I laid my hands on, hoping I would not bump into any familiar faces. Low and behold I bump into my favorite fashion photographer/blogger, Mr. Newton and he thought my mistake was a happy one. The happiest fashion mistakes are the ones you find at the bottom of your closet!

Lizzie stole someones dog for this picture

 Thanks Lizzie!


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