Monday, August 22, 2011

...Fashion Drugs - A Healthy Addiction - Kelsy the Blonde Bad Ass

This weeks muse is Kelsy! She is a fellow NYC blonde who works as a hair stylist slicing up some bomb hair cuts at Cutler Salon. She did this to me... 
Kelsy did the hair and of course Betsey did the rest!

When Betsey and I went to the New York City Ballet gala, Kelsy was the hair stylist recommended to me by my good friend and hair artist, Peter Gray. The end result was perfect and since then I have been trusting Kelsy "do" me right. Since Kelsy has so much style with the "complex fibers" I could not wait to see her Fashion Drugs picks. 



The Blonde Bombshell reincarnated, Kelsy!

My Personal Style

One thing I love about fashion is it's yours to explore and own! All yours. So I take full advantage of it. I never feel like an outfit is complete without that punch of the unlikely. Something to make people think a little. The edge of ugly and beautiful.. Perfect.

Outfit number #1:
So here's the deal. I LOVE androgyny . The fine line between feminine and masculine is a good one to be on. Get it right and you've got an original head turning look.. And, at the end of the day isnt it just too fun dressing like a boy?!

I'm not gonna hurt you baby..

#2 - Super girly pink dresses worn with a studded leather harness. Perfect.  Yes, here I am contradicting my feature pieces again. The love of oppositional harmony. How about super literal statements you ask? I say yes as well. Creating interesting outfits that makes people think. To me that's what's fashion is all about. Take as you will.

more intensity!

D.Y.S.P.. Don't ever forget the words of the blonde goddess herself..

Thanks Kelsy!

An affair to remember.

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