Monday, August 22, 2011

...A Trip to the off-set printer for The Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 Fashion Show invitation

Today Ashley and I went to Karr Graphics to approve the Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 Fashion Show invite! Our buddy Larry offered to give us a tour of their factory and my morning was transformed into this Sesame Street episode

Sesame Street is so timeless, I even dig the music! and orange is cool all over again!

When you enter Karr Graphics the first thing you see is a collage of old fashion wood carved letters. I am in love with this wall and want to install one in my apartment but Larry told us that these blocks go for big bucks on eBay. 

This is the machine that they print our invites on! OOOOH!

 Voila! Our invitation is being printed right before our eyes!

Then Larry took us upstairs to meet the Papa Bear Machine! Here he is, with his paper ready to go! 

And here are all the irresistible shiny buttons you press to make Papa Bear run!

I nerded out a little bit but so cool! right!?


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