Sunday, September 4, 2011

...Count Down To Fashion Week - Day 9 and Day 8 sheesh!

Day 9 and Day 8 

Well time flies when your having fun or when your so sleep deprived that you don't realize that two days have passed!

So here is the low down on what happened this weekend...

1. We had model casting and confirmed some bomb shell girls for the show

2. Locked most of the looks for show

3. Met with DJ Chris Bones about our banging show music

4. Astar happened...

We ate pizza and drank beer and then this happened...

Jen our social media guru is in a box to go to the warehouse!

5. We did some serious trend research at Accessories Palace

Astar happening again!

Next trend?

6. Char and her friend had Betsey draw XOX on them and then got it tattooed

7. Betsey drew on me but I can't tell you why or show you until after show

8. All my hard work with the accessories, such as shoes and jewelry, is starting to pay off in the over all tone of the show. 

9. We almost finished garments for Fashion On Ice

10. Summer 2012 Pink Label is starting to look spectacular

11. And finally, we ate more pizza and drank more beer

I think that is how most of the weekend went. Now I will sleep and begin again tomorrow!


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